Texas Law: The Alondra Guzman Home Invasion Incident

Texas has one of the nation’s highest death penalty rates. Dangerous acts of violence which are strongly connected to the drug trade, gang warfare, and illegal immigration. While homicide rates are very high, the people of Texas also experience an abundance of home invasions. At least 1 million property crimes happen there every year. As a result, the residents rely on the Stand-Your-Ground Laws for self-defense.

In June of 2017, there was an unusual home invasion that took place in San Antonio, Texas. It happened on Friday, June 2 sometime around 3 a.m. A family which resided in upscale suburb of Alamo Heights were woken out of their sleep by 4 intruders who wanted cash, jewelry and a rare object that this family held within their possession.

According to the San Antonio PD, property owner Alfonso Guzman was surprisingly dragged out of bed from his sleep. The intruders had his wife Jennifer and their three children; Alondra (7), Luis (10) and Ricardo (12) tied up and gagged. They then demanded that Mr. Guzman give them all of the money in their home. They also took precious jewelry pieces that had a price tag into the thousands.

Mr. Guzman was repeatedly pistol whipped throughout the ordeal. The intruders also beat Mrs. Guzman as well. What the criminal trespassers didn’t realize is that Luis was an asthmatic suffer. He began to hyperventilate as a reaction to his mother experiencing aggravated assault.

When Luis started to turn blue from lack of oxygen, the criminal intruders stop beating his mother and allowed the parents to get Luis his medicine. Apparently, they did not want any dead kids on the scene. During this commotion, young Alondra managed to sneak away into the family’s den. There, she found her father’s firearm.

Instead of leaving the house and getting help; the young girl went back upstairs with the gun, snuck in one of the intruders and fatally shot him to death while the parents were giving Luis his rescue inhaler. At least two of the other criminals fired back at Alondra. Amazingly, she was not killed. However, the intruders panicked and took their stolen loot. They left the body of the fallen intruder. Police has identified him as 28-year-old Lamar Wilkins.

The whole ordeal has become a huge story because the young 7-year-old girl (Alondra) managed to kill an armed intruder with her daddy’s gun. This situation might involve charges against the Guzman’s because of the nature of the crime. A criminal defense lawyer in the San Antonio area says that the law frowns upon children killing people with guns; even in situations involving home invasions.

This incident is still unfolding while the city prosecutor decides if this case will go trial. In the meantime, the other three suspects who were involved in this case are still being pursued by the police department. Jack B. Carroll & Associates, Criminal Defense Lawyers, is a leading law firm for people accused of serious felonies of this nature. Whether you’re in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, or elsewhere in Texas, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.