Prostitution & Sex Trafficking in Texas

Sex Trafficking & Forced Prostitution

A Major Problem in the Houston, Austin, Dallas triangle.

Prostitution is a very profound activity within the state of Texas. It is prevalent in this state because the region is connected to America’s southwest border. This border is notoriously known as an entry point for narcotics, illegal aliens, criminal activity and human trafficking. The following information will provide statistics about Texas’ connection to prostitution and the criminal penalties that accompany this detestable crime.

Texas & Human Trafficking

Texas is America’s central hub for human trafficking. This is important to the discussion of prostitution. At least 25% of all American human trafficking victims are being held in Texas. The I – 10 highway to Houston is the main route that traffickers use to get their victims into the country. Once they settle into Houston, the victims are placed into brothels where they are forced into sexual service.

Prostitution in Texas

Keep in mind that a lot of prostitutes within the state of Texas are in fact human trafficking victims. However, prostitutes are also normal American citizens who have made a choice to be involved in this lifestyle.

People might turn to prostitution to support a drug habit or their kids. They might even use this illegal activity to earn a living. Regardless of the reason many women (and some men) regularly engage in this activity primarily for money. Keep in mind that this is a billion-dollar industry.

One of the most dangerous things about prostitution within Texas (and all over the United States) is its connection to the porn industry and child assault. At least 1 in 5 pornographic images or video involves a minor. Children are raped, abused and sold to various people as prostitutes. This happens in just about any city inside of the U.S. It is especially true within the state of Texas.

Prosecutors and judges know that they have their hands full when it comes to prosecuting this type of case. There are no easy solutions to this problem. However, the law does its best to keep prostitution and human trafficking under control. The following material will discuss this criminal act from a legal standpoint.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking in Texas