Houston & Texas: The Growing DWI Problem

In Houston, and the Harris County, TX area in general, there is a growing law enforcement concern involving the constant occurrence of drunk driving instances on Houston area roadways.

Houston Law Enforcement’s Hands are Full

The Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and a number of other local law enforcement agencies seem to always have their hands full with the scourge of DWI offenders and DWI cases.

One of the dangerous aspects of drunk driving is the innocent lives that are put at risk due to the irresponsibility of persons who would dare take to public streets intoxicated, behind the wheel of a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds.

Killed By a Drunk Driver

We’ve all heard about it in the news.

The whole family that gets wiped out because some drunk driver got on the freeway going the wrong way, or the son-of-a-bitch that jumped the median into oncoming traffic.

Repeat DUI offender involved in crash that killed family

These are some of the most tragic of cases as men, women, and children of the same family can be wiped out in one fatal swoop of the vehicle of a drunk driver.

Solutions to Drunk Driving

One of the first solutions to drunk driving is to not drink and drive, but we all know that most people travel to a destination outside of their homes to engage in festivities that can lead to a person becoming intoxicated, innocently, with no intention of causing harm to themselves or others.

Another solution is to have someone who doesn’t drink serve as the primary motorist. Then you can always call a taxi, or walk to your destination. Any action contrary to drunk driving, and causing a deadly accident has to be considered the best coarse of action for alcoholics, and casual drinkers alike.

Also, even there isn’t an accident caused, the are serious criminal penalties for DWI regardless of whether anything was scratched, damaged, killed, or not.

Fighting DWI Charges

In Texas, there are a number of smart lawyers who know their way around to courtroom when it comes to fighting allegations of DWI or DUI that have been made by law enforcement, on sometimes, innocent people who aren’t guilty.

Considering the lack of discrimination when it comes to DWI Sweeps, its no wonder why so many accused DWI offenders get off, not guilty. Listed below, are 5 of the top attorneys in Texas for fighting criminal charges related to drunk driving, or driving under the influence of drugs.

Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson
405 Main St. #840
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 713-489-7373
Website: https://houstondwi.guru/ (MAP & Driving Directions)

Stephen T. Boling: Driving While Intoxicated Attorney
700 Lavaca St. #1400
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-980-0008
Website: http://austintxdwi.lawyer/ (MAP & Driving Directions)

Law Offices of George A. Scharmen: San Antonio DWI Lawyer
315 Dwyer Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78204
Phone: 210-226-8021
Website: http://www.scharmenlaw.com/ (MAP & Driving Directions)

The Law Offices of Ned Barnett
8441 Gulf Fwy, #210
Houston, TX 77017
Phone: 713-222-6767
Website: http://www.houstondwiattorney.com/ (MAP & Driving Directions)

The Wilson Law Firm: Dallas DWI Defense
5956 Sherry Ln #1000
Dallas, TX 75225
Phone: 214-310-0411
Website: http://www.dallasdwilawyer.org/ (MAP & Driving Directions)

Houston & Texas: The Growing DWI Problem