Brazoria County, TX Effectively Combats Illegal Narcotic Substances

Brazoria County, TX is home to nearly 400,000 people and is a region of Texas that’s located along the southeastern corner of the state. Brazoria County contains many cities, towns and villages. The people that live in this part of the state are subject to the drug issues that are also common in Houston and throughout other Texan cities.

Where is Brazoria County, Texas?

Brazoria County is located 41 miles south of Houston and is only a 40-minute drive between both places. When drugs are brought into Houston via highway 35 many of these drugs area transported south into Brazoria. The two biggest drugs that are illegally sold within the area are marijuana and cocaine. Other narcotics such as heroine and meth are problematic as well.

Drug Problems Are Growing in Brazoria & Angleton

Many of the locals that reside within the various towns and communities throughout Brazoria have the same drug related issues as Houston. Cartels often transport drugs from Texas to other parts of the U.S. There are many cartel drug dealers within Texas and they have operations set up within every major Texan city. Brazoria County does not have any major Texan cities, but their immediate location next to Houston and highway 35 makes it a prime place for drug activity within this part of the state.

Here’s one case in which a number of people were arrested during a drug raid, in Brazoria. Here’s a another from a bit further back, but it highlights a trend of a organized drug rings in Brazoria County, TX.

Police Agencies are Kept Busy

Police, border patrol, FBI and DEA agencies that operate within the region do not want the drugs to impact the surrounding communities. Law enforcement officials are working hard to keep the area free from illegal narcotic substances. Many law enforcement officials in the area will arrest anyone who is caught transporting or using illegal substances. Drug possession is a criminal offense and offenders can receive as much as 99 years if found guilty of some offenses.

The drug culture within Brazoria is not out of control. Many of the people who live here aren’t involved in a drug related lifestyle. The drug problem within Brazoria is effectively contained by law enforcement officials. This is important because it allows law-abiding citizens to live productive lives.

If You’re Arrested for Drug Offense in Brazoria

There are only a few respectable criminal defense lawyers who have a record of success defending people accused of drug related offenses in the Brazoria County criminal court. One of those attorneys is Sandra Oballe in Angleton, another is Dominic J. Merino in Alvin.

If you’re ever arrested, or even accused of a drug offense the smarted thing you could do is hire an experienced attorney to represent you.