The Texas Prison Escape Artist

Join us as we look at an interesting review of the felony criminal offender known as Dennis Wayne Hope, a “Made in Texas” prison escape artist.

Can you blame him?

He’s facing over 70 years for a string of armed robberies he committed. The jury wasted no time handing down the conviction after his criminal trial.

The jury deliberated for less than 1 hour.

Hope has escaped from the Dallas County Jail as well as from another prison and has no plan to grow old behind bars. When he was on the run after his jail escape, he robbed a number of grocery stores for over 100,000.00.

Dennis Wayne Hope’s Criminal Record

Below is a table of the lengthy number of crimes that Hope was convicted of in Texas criminal courts. If he escapes again the State of Texas will simply have to add more of his criminal credentials to his resume.

Crime Committed On County Term Sentence Began
ESCAPE 11/26/1994 Brazoria 25 years 2/1/1995
UNAUTH USE OF A VEH 9/21/1990 Dallas 20 years 9/21/1990
ESCAPE 9/17/1990 Dallas 20 years 9/17/1990
AGG ROB W/DEADLY WPN 5/10/1990 Tarrant 30 years 5/30/1990
AGG ROBBERY/DW 4/17/1990 Dallas 80 years 5/29/1990
AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 3/14/1990 Dallas 30 years 5/28/1990
AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 2/11/1990 Dallas 30 years 5/28/1990
AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 12/23/1989 Dallas 30 years 5/28/1990
THEFT PROP OVER 20,000 5/27/1990 Dallas 30 years 5/28/1990
IMPERSON PUB SERVANT S.O. 3/12/1990 Dallas 20 years 5/28/1990
THEFT PROP OF 20,000 3/26/1990 Tarrant 30 years 3/26/1990

They have given this man a boatload of prison sentence for his felonies.

I feel that if no one was physically hurt or injured during his criminal escapades then his sentence should be limited. By limiting his prison sentence he will have a chance at being rehabilitated (if the prison system ever moves to a focus on rehabilitation) and given a potential for a new lease on life, rather than being even more hardened as a professional criminal with nothing to lose.

Stupidly, this man has made it public knowledge of his intention to attempt escape from Texas prisons again likely hampering any future escape attempts he may make. There has been no word of any criminal defense attorney who represents Hope, or has previously represented him, in the video report.