Taking Advantage of Obamagration

The United States of America remains the land of opportunity in our nation welcomes immigrants with open arms. However, immigration to the United States is done both legally and illegally, but the best results are obtained when working with an attorney to secure a legal immigrant status in the United States of America.

When searching for an immigration lawyer it’s important to understand the need for an experienced immigration lawyer. There are number of immigration lawyers in Houston that are willing help you with obtaining U.S. Citizenship, work visas, fiance visas, and reuniting separated families.

New Immigration Policies

Due to the dictatorial actions of Pres. Barack Hussein Obama in regard to softening the borders of the United States and welcoming illegal immigrants into the country, many people who were previously unable to obtain citizenship and avoid deportation are now able to stay in the United States of America legally. In what conservatives term as Obamagration, a clear path to citizenship is now laid and will become effective in the spring of 2015.

Help For Illegals

If you are illegally in the United States, or in the Houston area, the Cloud Law Firm will be able to facilitate a speedy overview of what it will take for you to obtain legal status in Texas. The United States citizen and immigration services will begin accepting documents from illegal immigrants under a number of different programs.

To learn more about how you can make this work for you I strongly recommend picking contact with a US citizenship attorney immediately.

DACA is the acronym for the new Obamagration program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

DAPA is the acronym for deferred action for parental accountability.

Life act 245-I is another option for people seeking immigration into the United States. Hardship waivers and K-1 fiance visas are also possible along with removal of conditions for people looking for legal advice on how to lawfully immigrate into the United States of America.

Taking Advantage of Obamagration