The Crime Problem

Texas Law: The Alondra Guzman Home Invasion Incident

Texas has one of the nation’s highest death penalty rates. Dangerous acts of violence which are strongly connected to the drug trade, gang warfare, and illegal immigration. While homicide rates are very high, the people of Texas also experience an […]

Brazoria County, TX Effectively Combats Illegal Narcotic Substances

Brazoria County, TX is home to nearly 400,000 people and is a region of Texas that’s located along the southeastern corner of the state. Brazoria County contains many cities, towns and villages. The people that live in this part of […]

Robbery & Candy

Robbery a serious crime in Houston and is one of the most common forms theft no matter what corner of the world you look. There are two forms of robbery related criminal charges in Texas; Robbery & Aggravated Robbery. The […]

Houston Business Journal

Charged With A Crime in Houston? Read This

Looking for a good criminal defense attorney in an international city the size of Houston can be a daunting task without an edge. Fortunately there is directory specifically dedicated to featuring the best and brightest criminal defense attorneys in Houston […]

America at Large

Elderly ex President Jumps from an Aircraft

The old CIA fart jumped out of an aircraft to mark his 90th birthday. Say what you want about the dark and shadowyness of Bush one, it takes balls to jump out of an airplane. Read More